PP stems & LG bars where designed to work together in terms of mechanical performance but also in terms of design and settings features. Besides good design, we wanted to help Cedric and his mechanic save some of their precious time. Matching artwork and settings features prevent them always having to set up the cockpit, whether they are traveling, or bleeding a brake between two runs. This comes in a beautiful and long lasting laser etched race car inspired design on the stem and handlebar.



Stiffness with comfort

Specially studied for enduro racing. Stiff enough to handle world cup level racing, but without being too demanding on the long Enduro stage.

Practical Design for Riders

Specifically designed without screws on the steering tube area so as not to hurt the knees while pedalling.

Aluminium Alloy

LG bars are made using 7075 T6 double-butted aluminium alloy, obtaining a rigidity/flexibility balance resulting in handlebars that are extremely resistance, yet comfortable.

Functional Beauty

The laser etched markings are stylish and allow you an easy set-up for the brake lever symmetry between left and right.


Together as a package, I have to say that the Production Privée cockpit looks damn good. The black finish and racing stripe alignment marks on the stem and handlebar look simply awesome to me, and it’s certainly more class than flash in my eyes. Production Privée’s stem, handlebar, and grips are far from the lightest or flashiest on the market, but they’re all well thought out and scream quality to me. The adjustable CR35 grips also surprised me as being useful as a tool to fine tune how your cockpit feels. Yes, we can all use a normal set of grips, but it turns out that the stock, go-to sweep numbers on the market may not always be ideal for everyone. The grips won’t be for everyone, either, but they do offer a unique and effective fit solution for some riders. Read More
Mike Levy, Pinkbike



Length 50mm and 65mm
Height 36mm
Bar Bore 31,8mm
Steering 1″1/8
Material Alloy 7075 T6 Forged and CNC
Weight 159g
Finish Stealth Black
Stripes Engraved Laser


Up Sweep
Back Sweep 8º (7º LGVH 810mm)
Bar Bore 31,8mm
Material Al Alloy 7075 T6 DB
Finish Brushed, black anodized (LVGH silver anodized)


Product Width Height Weight
LGB 740 740mm 25.4mm / 1 inch 290g
LGB 780 780mm 25.4mm / 1 inch 320g
LGTB 780 780mm 12.7mm / 0.5 inch 320g
LGVH 780 780mm 50mm / 2 inch 330g
LGMH 810 810mm 31,8mm / 1,25 inch 349g
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